Prospective Players

OSUWSC is a highly competitive team for talented and dedicated players.  Athletes should anticipate dedicating time to practice two or three days a week dependent upon the season as well as additional time participating in fundraising and social events.  Fitness is also an extremely important aspect and prospective players are expected to already be in appropriate physical shape.  New players are always welcome and encouraged to contact club vice president, Maria Riley at with any further questions or for any additional information about the club!

Summer Fitness Plan: This is a guideline for a summer fitness program. Please do not start this program without clearance from a healthcare professional. This program is a guideline in order to prepare for fitness week during tryouts. Athletes will struggle with our fitness week without any prior preparation during the summer. We do not have a set fitness test, but a 7:15 minute mile is a guideline, if needed.  Summer Fitness Plan OSUWSC


Player eligibility shall be in full accordance with NIRSA policy. All team members must be registered for nine credits as an undergraduate or six credits as a graduate student. Current professional or varsity players are not eligible. Teams are limited to three former varsity or former semi-pro athletes on their roster.